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Trade Finance Bank Instrument

Capatus Wealth offers advisory with Trade Finance products designed to reduce the risks and uncertainties associated with commercial transactions, thus facilitating trade to compete successfully in the ever-expanding international trade arena, which requires the financial ability to minimize the buyer’s cost, maximise the seller’s offer, and manage the commercial, political and currency risks on both sides. We offer assistance with bank instruments – LC, SBLC, BG, MTN, bonds, IBOE, LTN) & high cap non-recourse loans.

Capatus Wealth provides assistance with the long-term loans, export credit, working capital and trade finance. Our professionals have been directly dealing with financial institutions, and regularly analyze finance trends to ensure that we are at the forefront of trade finance.

At Capatus Wealth, we provide expert advice to mitigate risk and enhance revenue opportunities when conducting international trade. We understand credit and payment risks and can help formulate a tailored trade solution to improve your competitiveness in the global markets.

In addition, we provide advisory with innovative financing solutions to assist exporters with transactional risk mitigation, giving them a competitive edge.

Our advisory services for Trade Finance include Collection of Export Bills

  • We handle collection of export bills both in Foreign Currency and Indian Rupees.
  • Import Collection Documents.
  • We help with processing import collection documents of the client bank’s customers.
  • Collection of Foreign Currency Instruments

We facilitate handle collection of cheques / Drafts / TCs / Money Orders of different currencies drawn on various countries which in turn provides faster realisation of the instruments.

Foreign Inward Remittances

Customer remittances can be affected through our various correspondent banks which can be converted into INR with direct credit to the account.

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